We just released Ethereum Studio in collaboration with the Ethereum Foundation

Deploy smart contracts
with confidence

Superblocks is a platform that provides a safe and automated process
to take smart contracts from development to production

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Managing smart contracts holding millions of dollars in value is a risky and frightening process. Superblocks aims to provide a reliable solution to get to mainnet, no need to copy and paste in Remix from your laptop.

Safely manage
your smart contract life-cycles


Run your builds

Superblocks Continuous Integration lets you test on every commit to provide confidence in your commits.

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Continuous Integration

Safely manage
your smart contract


Deploy your contracts

Superblocks Release Management lets you safely deploy your smart contracts to private, testnet or mainnet using browser compatible wallets.

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Monitor your contracts

View analytics, graphs, set up alerts, and log events to track the health your smart contracts in one place post-deployment.

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