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Smart contracts

The SXSW Blockchain Track: Don’t miss these sessions

We’re going to be in Austin for the whole event — join us! For the first time in it’s 27 years old history...

Superblocks Kim Kjellbom Mar 3

Use the OpenZeppelin smart contract framework

Tutorial: Write safe smart contracts with OpenZeppelin - How to use the OpenZeppelin smart contract framework with Superblocks to #buidl secure DApps. When it comes to...

János Gulácsy János Gulácsy Feb 2

How to survive a Vargavinter (Wolf Winter)

In this crypto winter, even those of us focusing on blockchain development that do not to care much for the crypto market...

Tove Andersson Tove Andersson Feb 4

Introducing Decentralized Camp’s second yearly hackathon

The 9th-11th November, the Decentralized Camp meetup group will be hosting a full weekend Hackathon in Stockholm where we use blockchain technology...

Carl Gärdsell Carl Gärdsell Oct 3

Superblocks as mentors at ETH Berlin

Our complete focus is on supporting developers in whatever they want to build on blockchain. For a while now, a lot of...

Superblocks Superblocks Sept 3

DAppcon — catch up on the cutting edge of blockchain development

In the raging hot summer close to 800 dev devotees and Ethereum enthusiasts took shelter in Postbahnhof, the former train station made...

Superblocks Superblocks Aug 3

How our Swedish blockchain start-up is challenging Swiss ban on same-sex marriage along with Björn…

How our Swedish blockchain start-up is challenging Swiss ban on same-sex marriage along with Björn Borg. Switzerland — the most democratic country in the world. It’s...

Superblocks Superblocks Jul 2

Come try Superblocks Studio!

We are excited to announce that our open source product Superblocks Studio is now live at https://city.superblocks.com/. This is the first product...

Superblocks Superblocks Apr 4

In Giving We Get

The Superpowers of the Community - The Blockie team has been working hard since 2013 on building the technology required to ultimately reach our...

Superblocks Superblocks Oct 1

@YoTwallet — Tweet Ether

If you are reading this you are probably a cryptomaniac just as me. So I’m not going to tell you how crypto...

Thomas Backlund Thomas Backlund Nov 4

The Paradox of Becoming World Famous by Isolating Myself — Part II

After having decided to quit my job, give up my apartment and get rid of my material belongings, I experienced a relief...

Thomas Backlund Thomas Backlund Oct 1

The Most Dramatic Decision of My Life and How I Became a Minimum Viable Product — Part 1

When I was a kid back in the early nineties, playing with computers was pretty taboo. Video games on console were pretty...

Thomas Backlund Thomas Backlund Oct 3

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