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Our vision is that every person should have the means to bring their ideas to life

Superblocks helps Björn Borg to let anyone get married in the blockchain. No matter the label

Everyone behind Marriage Unblocked believes that being all you can be in sports first demands the right to be who you are in life. The first basic right is to love whoever you want. Marriage unblocked makes it possible for everyone to go down the aisle on blockchain, store your encrypted vows forever and get a certificate of your digital marriage.

Tools Used:

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Superblocks Lab
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Marriage Unblocked use case

We would never have been able to make it on time without Superblocks Lab, or even make it at all really! I highly recommend anyone who has the opportunity to try it to do so.

Tove Andersson

Creative at NORD DDB

Blockwars use case

Superblocks Lab is a great tool. The integrations save you time and the strong user interface helps you write structured and clean code.



Block Wars is using Superblocks Lab for a more effective and structured way to code their smart contract

Block Wars is a map-based strategy game where you strive to claim and control territory, competing with other players all over the world. It's available at Blockwars.live. You use the cryptocurrency Ether to claim, attack and defend territories. The territories are squares on the world map, or blocks for short. The game is based on the Ethereum block-chain, and is a decentralized application (dApp). And the way to gain blocks is by waging war, and thus the name Block Wars.

Tools Used:

Superblocks Lab icon
Superblocks Lab

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