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Superblocks provides your team a safe and automated process to manage your smart contract pipeline in one place

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A complete toolkit to delivering smart contracts for Ethereum

Superblocks specializes in providing a safe and automated process to take your smart contracts from development to production.

Continuous Integration

Continuous Integration

Superblocks lets you test on every commit to provide confidence in your solidity code. Get started by syncing your GitHub projects.

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Release Management

Release Management

Safely deploy your smart contracts to private, testnet or mainnet using browser compatible wallets (Metamask, Ledger etc).



View analytics, graphs, set up alerts, and log events to track the health of all your smart contracts in one place.

Designed for professional blockchain applications

We build solutions with the most complex projects in mind. Our features are continuously improved to safely handle smart contracts that keep the most seasoned developers awake at night.

Easy setup


We are creating Superblocks to help you build, release and track all of your organization's smart contracts and their life-cycles in one place. Whether they are early in development or live on mainnet.

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Superblocks integrates with VCS. Every time you commit solidity code, GitHub triggers a build in Superblocks.

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Features designed to help you develop with confidence

Zero-config builds for smart contracts
Superblocks automatically runs a static build on all commits (truffle test & truffle compile)
VCS Integration (GitHub)
Sync your projects to allow Superblocks to register commits and notify GitHub of build success
Project build overview
See an overview of all your builds and their history
Organizations view
See an overview of all projects and members that belong to your organization
Flexible scripting
Use YAML files to run custom builds or use a variety of Superblocks-defined recipes
Coming soon
Deploy to testnet & mainnet
Deploy smart contracts to Ethereum testnets & manually to the mainnet
Safe key management
Manage deployment keys using your own compatible wallet (e.g. MetaMask, Ledger, Trezor)
Automated build promotion
Automated build promotion for continuous deployment of your smart contracts after conditions are met
Shared private chain
Deploy and utilize a shared private chain across your organization to speed up development
See your deployed contracts in
Smart contract interaction
Interact with your deployed contracts on chain
Live monitoring
Monitor deployed smart contracts transactions, state, and events
Notifications & alerts
Configurable notifications for errors and anomalies such as failed transactions or balance changes
Custom visualization
Visualize monitoring data your way using tables and graphs
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