Team Permissions

Team Permissions

Users can participate both at the organization and at the project levels. The People section, located under either the Organization or Project on the left side menu, lists all participants.

New participants can get added to the Organization or Project by accessing the Invite new members screen, pressing the Invite People button. Only Owner role can invite other accounts to join.

Team permissions

Add new members by filling out the Email address field, selecting between the available Roles, then pressing the plus button. After registering all the members, press the Invite members button to send out the invitations.

Role-based access control

In each organization you can invite people and provide them with different levels of access. For the time being there are two defined roles:

  • Member: Has the ability to create new projects, view and manage builds.
  • Owner: All of the above. Also has full administrative access, including the ability to define other people’s access, invite or remove members, delete projects, and delete the entire organization.