Settings Overview

Settings Overview

Project Settings allows customizing the project General Settings, environment Variables, Project Tokens and Status badges. When inside a project, this option can be accessed by clicking the Settings button on side menu. Alternatively, it can also be reached from the Organization Settings menu by clicking on Projects and selecting the project by name. The Project Settings is only available for members with role set to Owner.

General Settings

The available options are Project name, Project Id, Project Visibility and Remove project.

The visibility is set to Private by default, which makes the project available only by members of the same organization. The visibility setting can be changed at any time to Public, so anyone with a Superblocks account can see it.

Project settings: Details

It is also possible to remove the project from Superblocks by clicking the Delete Project button. Note that the delete operation is impossible to revert, so please be certain before doing so.


The Variables section enables managing environment variables which are to be passed to the Pipelines.

Example defining DEPLOYMENT_DATA=0x1234, to be accessible as $DEPLOYMENT_DATA from inside the configuration file:

Project settings: Variables

Environment variables can be Duplicated to form new entries, Edited to change either of the fields, or Removed by accessing the corresponding action from the variables list settings button (three dots icon).

Status Badges

This section allows you to create and embed a status badge to your project’s README.

Project settings: Status badges

Project Tokens

In a nutshell, the Tokens section provides an interface to create, view and delete project tokens. Find out more about this section here.