Connect Your Repo

Connect your repository

  1. Start by clicking the Builds section in the side menu of Landing page and then click on the Setup new build Setup Build

  2. Begin by selecting a repository to build. Filter repositories in the search bar or by using the drop-down list to the right. Once you have found your repository, press the Select repository button and you will be redirected to GitHub. Select Repository

  3. Select whether you want to provide Superblocks permission to access All repositories or only the previously chosen repository (Only select repositories option). Once you click Approve & Install you will be redirected back to Superblocks. Github Repository Access

  4. Once again, back to Superblocks Builds screen, click Select repository on the repository you granted access to.

  5. Now in the Configure step, select from one of the available preset configurations.

  6. Proceeding to the Review, press the Commit and Run button when ready. Review

  7. Finally, Commit the suggested superblocks.yaml configuration.

  8. You have now successfully connected your repository and are ready to start building! Your screen should look like this: Builds

  9. You can further interact with your build by clicking on the Status message which will show you the Pipeline details: Pipeline Details