Projects Builds

Projects and Builds

This page describes how Superblocks handles organization projects and automates their builds.


A Project is a connection between Superblocks and GitHub. Each project can be linked to one or more GitHub repositories.
Once linked to a repository and configured according to Superblocks specifications, every associated code commit automatically triggers a build in Superblocks.

Creating a Project

In the organizations view, access the Projects sub-section by selecting the action located on the left side menu.
Access Projects
On the top right corner, press the Create Project button. Fill in a valid Project name and optionally add a Description, which will be presented in the organization projects list. Finally, press the Create Project button. Create Project

Connecting to a repository

In case an empty project already exists, the Setup new build option leads to the Setup your Build Pipeline screen. Setup your Build Pipeline

After creating or selecting an existing project, find the repository you would like to connect to by browsing the repositories list. Use the Filter projects and the drop-down menu on the right side of the search bar to further limit the results.
Then, press the Select repository button. Select repository

You will be redirected to the project Builds.
Empty Builds screen

Viewing Builds

Inside the project Builds view, the contents are displayed on a per-repository basis. Inside each connected repository, there are two sections: Pipelines and Jobs. Each one lists all entries resulted by actions performed by Superblocks.

Pipeline and Job entries describe the last output status, the unique identifier, branch and commit references to the connected repository, as well as the elapsed time and creation date. Jobs also list the Stage they refer to, together with the name property defined in the configuration file.