Introduction to Triggers

Builds are automatically triggered by default whenever a new commit is pushed to a given connected repository.

Manual Triggers allow for requiring manual intervention when executing a given Job. The configuration file accepts an entry to limit executions to only happen upon manual triggering through Superblocks interface.

Consider the following Stages excerpt from a valid Superblocks configuration file:

  - custom_sequence1:
        - compile:
            when: manual
  - custom_sequence2:
        - test

By setting the compile Job to only trigger when manual action is taken, Superblocks sets the compile Job status to manual. When manual actions are required, Jobs which belong to subsequent Stages will wait until the manual actions are taken.

Manual Job status

Triggering Jobs marked as manual can be done by pressing either the Trigger manual job or the Run Job button in the Job details screen.

Trigger manual Job

For more details about the when: manual setting, please check the Configuration Reference.