Status Badges

Status Badges

Status badges provide a dynamic visual indication of the last build status for a given project and branch. The available status are:

  • success
  • failed
  • unknown

Access the Build Configuration settings by pressing the repository settings button (gears icon), located next to the repository name.

Repository Build Settings

In the Build Configuration screen, select the Status badges section.

Build Settings: Status badges

The Status badges section allows for selecting from one of the available project Branches which the badge will point to. Use the Embed code to publish and share the various build statuses.

Badges can be retrieved on a per-project basis, with the branch always explicitly set as part of the request:<organization-name>/projects/<project-name>.svg?branch=<branch-name>

Project visibility rules currently do not apply to the badge mechanism. When the requested organization, project or branch is unavailable, invalid or does not exist, the returned status will be set to unknown.