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The Superblocks Vision

Every person should have the means to bring their ideas to life. We empower the visionaries of the decentralized future to build their things. We do this by providing them with the best open source accessible tools where individuals can collaborate, share, and build upon each other’s creations.

The Superblocks Culture

With an organization full of people passionate about decentralization, it would be silly if we ran a strict top-down hierarchical organization. At Superblocks you help us set your own role, your own goals, and what hours of the day you work. We encourage employees every now and then to take the time to indulge in learning and often mastering a specific technique, be it for pure joy or another reason. Consequently, we consider the hiring process as the number one priority to ensure that all employees share our vision and can manage their own performance. 

You may have heard that our enigmatic founder Thomas created Superblocks whilst living in the Swedish forest coding (full story here). Hence, it is not by coincidence that a lot of us that work at Superblocks are fans of the outdoor whether it involves hiking, climbing, or just the sense of being immersed in nature. We encourage our employees to “work from nature” and regard Stockholm with its beautiful archipelago as our central hub. The only requirement is that you must share each adventure by writing a blog post for our medium account! 😉 

Of course, we also expect everyone at Superblocks to have at least one Superpower!

Join Us!

If you are interested in joining us feel free to send your application to carl@superblocks.com.

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Thomas Backlund

CEO & Co-Founder

Thomas really loves coding, he has been working a lot on distributed high availability storage and database systems before entering into DevOps, blockchain and smart contracts. Holds an MSc from The Royal Institute of Technology (KTH)

Carl Gärdsell

COO & Co-Founder

Australian/Swedish citizen with 3 years experience in financial services where he specialized in portfolio analytics software. Most recently completed a MSc International Business (CEMS MIM) at SSE. Bachelor from The University of Sydney.

Javier Tarazaga Gomez

CPO & Co-Founder

Experienced in leading development teams across the globe, Javier has both excellent technical and communicative skills and employs a very consumer-driven approach to his work. Previously he co-founded of Snabb Technologies.

Micael Palmgren

Art Director & Co-Founder

Micael is an award winning industrial hands on designer from The Faculty of Engineering at Lund University. Micael is an entrepreneur with an artistic eye who also has designed several boats.

Maicon Diniz Filippsen

Lead Core Developer

Self-taught programmer since the 90’s, at a young age. From client-server communication tools and small graphics demos to real-time software. Nowadays building hassle-free and minimalistic software. Writing code with Superblocks since 2013.

Jonas Lantto

Smart Contract Developer

Jonas has a background as a frontend developer. He is a machine learning enthusiast and has a masters from the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) in Sweden.

Our Advisors

Nils von Heijne

Digital Strategist. Co-founder Svärd von Heijne & Pronto. Global head of digital for AVICII & Electrolux. Published entrepreneurship author and teacher at Berghs School of Communication. Marketing Major SSE.

Johan Svärd

20+ years as serial international entrepreneur & investor. Board member in 10+ companies. Approved board member by Finansinspektionen. Co-owner of venture fund Coach & Capital. Msc Ind Eng & Mgmt Lith +ENIT.

Filip Dalhamn

COO & Partner full-service agency Oh My! Co-founder performance marketing agency Trickle & Swedish crypto exchange Trijo. Digital Director Scholz & Friends.Program steering comitté for Hyper Island & Mediestudiet. Stockholms University Economics.

Mats Gärdsell

Previously CEO of MQ Retail, AB Åhléns, Lindex Sverige AB, and has substantial experience from executive positions within Levi Strauss & Co and PepsiCo in Europe and Australia. As of the mid 90’s he was involved in internet, e-commerce and software initiatives. Degree in Ind Eng at Linköping.

Torbjörn Nilsson

Entrepreneur involved in everything from engineering companies to blockchain startups. Board member in 10+ companies and majority holder in a number of businesses through investment company Sebbot Invest.

Håkan Birging

Håkan is a passionate advocate of the blockchain revolution and believes strongly in its future impact of everyday life. After a long career in the financial industry, Håkan together with Torbjörn Nilsson co-founded Cryptowell AB, a VC firm focused on blockchain technology.