Superblocks Kim Kjellbom Mar 3

We’re going to be in Austin for the whole event — join us!

For the first time in it’s 27 years old history, the South by Southwest event (March 8–17 Austin, TX) will honor the cultural revolution of Blockchain by endorsing it with its own track. Superblocks will be there to make sure we cover the highlights and report them back to you via short videos and updates on our Twitter account.

A little bird whispered impending news is to be released during the week, with larger projects having waited for this event before going public. Anyone familiar with the crypto industry knows the opportunity for amusement these types of gatherings serve us with. We’re excited to see this space spark at the festival of innovation, and see what mad ideas, hot debates and moon landing plans will be created this week. We’ll be here and update you on all things blockchain. Stay tuned!

Our top choices for sessions on Blockchain:

Make sure to catch Tove and Sagas workshop on how to build smart contracts.

Check out the whole program for the Blockchain track here.

Let us know what you want to see, what we should we ask Joe Lubin, what room you want a tour of in the Blockchain house and what discussion we should have with David Schwartz.

Hope to see you soon!

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