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We rarely sponsor blockchain events

This is the first time Superblocks has officially sponsored an event after over a year of being funded — and with good reason!

A while ago we started mapping out as many relevant events that we could find around the globe. The task was much more time consuming than expected. After the ICO boom in 2017/2018 there was a plethora of blockchain events that cropped up, all charging a hefty amount in ticket prices. Unless you were trying to promote your latest token or personal brand, most of these events were simply overpriced and catered to an audience that more interested in talking than building.

During this time we chose to focus our efforts on building stuff, researching, and learning. We managed to create a Solidity Web IDE called Superblocks Lab which helped us gather a lot of deep insight from blockchain developers. Now we have taken the next step and released the Beta version of our Superblocks platform. This platform is now on its way to solving some crucial pain points found when taking smart contracts from development to production.

So why is Superblocks sponsoring ETHBerlin?

As a developer building something, it is a frustrating experience going to a website full of marketing slogans, poor documentation, and promises of a better future with token rewards if you contribute now. Maybe its fun once or twice, but it gets old quick.

The same principle applies for many of the existing blockchain events, most of them are fluffy marketing stunts.

Yet, when we visited ETHBerlin as mentors/participants last year (among other ETHGlobal events), we found something special. We found enthusiastic people actually coding, learning, building, failing, and iterating. Developers like us that were there to build things. As such, we feel ETHBerlin’s promise holds true:

ETHBerlinZwei is a hackathon, a cultural festival, and educational event, a platform for hacktivism, and a community initiative to push the decentralized ecosystem forward. — ETHBerlinZwei

And despite event being called ETHBerlinZwei, what we admire is the commitment to decentralization uncoupled with a religious crusade for a specific chain. They made it very clear in their blogpost:

The Department of Decentralization was conceived to be chain agnostic, and even though ETHBerlin will have an Ethereum focus, we want to invite other chains and protocols to run their tracks in our event and see how we can collaborate and learn from each other — in honest, mutually beneficial ways.

In the end, it’s the attitude of being open and experimenting with different methods and technologies that allows us to advance.

Meet the mentors

Both Javier Tarazaga (Superblocks CTO) and Thomas Backlund (Superblocks CEO) will be mentoring hackers throughout the event. Having built tools and services for blockchain developers, you should really try to pull them if you need expert help.

I will also be at the event, not as a mentor, but as a listener. So if you need to vent some frustrations about Dapp development just grab me by the shoulder and unload! It helps us build better services :)

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