Superblocks Superblocks Sept 3

Our complete focus is on supporting developers in whatever they want to build on blockchain. For a while now, a lot of the supporting has been done online due to some soon to be realeased news. Therefore we are extra excited to attend ETH Berlin as a great chance for us to get out of the cave and come meet all the top developers of the Ethereum community to see some truly cool things come to life. We will be two core developers and co-founders from Superblocks going as mentors to assist and help in any way we can, please grab a hold of us and let us know how we can empower your vision!

Thomas Backlund (CEO) & Javier Tarazaga (CPO)

Hope to see you there!

Thomas Backlund (CEO) and Javier Tarazaga (CPO)

ETH Berlin is a two day hackathon on September 7–8 taking place during Berlin Blockchain Week.

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