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After three months of intense development we are pleased to release the beta version of our core product. It comes with a brand new website, logo, design, and support forums.

After the insights we gained from both building Superblocks Lab (a web IDE for smart contracts) and conducting extensive research interviews, we have now taken a firm grip on tackling some of the fundamental issues faced in Web 3.0 development. We envision that our platform will aid more people to successfully build and release decentralized applications.

The platform

Superblocks is a platform that provides a safe and automated process to take your smart contracts from development to production with confidence. The platform consists of three main functions:

  • Continuous Integration [beta]: A practice that encourages developers to commit their code into a master branch often, rather than building in isolation and integrating them at the end of a development cycle. In Superblocks you can test on every GitHub commit to verify your smart contracts code.
  • Release Management [in development]: Safely deploy smart contracts to private, testnet or mainnet using browser compatible wallets. There is no need to expose your private keys when using Superblocks.
  • Monitoring [in development]: View analytics, graphs, set up alerts, and log events to track the health of all your smart contracts.

Who should use Superblocks?

Superblocks is developed with the most complex blockchain applications in mind. Hence, in the future it will be able to support everything from small teams to large enterprises that are utilizing smart contracts.

Currently the features are primarily geared towards providing developers or DevOps the flexibility and tools needed to properly craft and release smart contracts in a safe manner. Since smart contracts can control millions of dollars and coordinate sensitive voting systems, it’s of utmost importance that they are shipped and monitored using the best standards possible.

Despite our focus towards helping developers, we have structured the platform to accommodate other relevant team roles in the future that may at some point interact with smart contracts (auditors, business developers, regulators etc). The grander product vision is to involve everyone who interacts with a smart contract at some point in it’s life cycle.

How to get started

Feel free to use our getting started guide to begin familiarizing yourself with the Superblocks Platform. If you are a developer that has experience with other CI services, then this should feel very familiar to you.

Supported smart contract languages & blockchains

Currently we support Ethereum smart contracts using Truffle, yet with flexible builds arriving soon we will be able to support a wider variety of contracts. Release management and monitoring solutions for other chains will be implemented if there is demand for it. You can find an updated list of the supported blockchains and smart contract languages in our support desk.

Highlighted available features

Project Overview — Build, release and track of all your organization’s smart contracts and their life-cycles in one place.

Build Details — See the build process live as it is being executed by our system. Get instant feedback if the new changes you have committed pass all the required checks defined in the build script.

VCS Integration — Superblocks is deeply integrated with Github. Once you project has been connected to a given repository, every time you commit solidity code into it, GitHub will triggers a build in Superblocks.

Organizations Overview — Keep track of all your smart contracts across your organization, or several organizations/clients.

Role-Based Access Control — As we keep adding features like contract interaction or monitoring, we decided to expand beyond Github’s user permission and provide our own, therefore having the possibility of providing a much more fine grained specific access to certain parts of the platform to members of the organization (or the consortium) which might not have a Github account.

Features in development

This is just a glimpse of things that are gonna be coming in the next few weeks. You can find an updated list on our website. To name a few:

  • Flexible build scripts. Use YAML files to run custom builds or use a variety of Superblocks-defined recipes
  • Status badges to be included in the user’s repositories
  • Private/Public projects so Open Source projects can share certain details (or all!) of their system to their contributors/community/users
  • Custom build notifications through email and slack so you can get notified straight away of important events happening with your projects.
  • Store and release artifacts generated by your builds into a live (private, Testnet or Mainnet) chain.

Free for open source

The platform is currently free for everyone, but expect premium tiers to arrive in the future. We will always offer the Superblocks platform to open source projects free, forever.

Partner with us!

We have large ambitions, but we cant do everything by ourselves! If you are involved in a company or project that offers services or products that complement our offering, we would love to hear from you. The life cycle of a smart contract has many touching points, lets work together.

Furthermore, if you are involved in an active project using smart contracts, lets help each other. We love to develop our products alongside live projects to ensure our solutions stay relevant. In return we can offer deep knowledge and experience with developing smart contracts.

You can always reach me at :)

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