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The Superpowers of the Community

The Blockie team has been working hard since 2013 on building the technology required to ultimately reach our vision — that everyone should be able to create decentralized applications regardless of their coding proficiency. There are simply too many ideas that fall flat because of technical obstacles that we could intuitively and affordably solve for the non-coder. Yet this vision will never be realized unless the solution is tested, used, and appreciated by the community. In saying that, it is time for Blockie to step out of the shadows and share the fruits of our labor to the community.

Starting from the Roots

Blockie is based in Stockholm, a city considered to have one of the leading tech scenes in the world. Surprisingly there has been very little collaborative activity in the local Ethereum community. There have been small dispersed groups with a handful of people working on diverse projects, yet there has been no official medium for people to meet each other and share ideas. In June this changed when Thomas took the initiative to start the Decentralized Camp meetup group. Since then the community has quickly grown and hosted three events that include a presentation/workshop by the Security Lead of the Ethereum Foundation — Martin Holst Swende.

It has been exciting watching the community grow in our local vicinity, there is a strong feeling of excitement and energy in the air. Some great people and companies are contributing to the cause (many thanks to Chi Hao Poon, Hampus Berggren, Johan Wahlqvist, Victor C, Datscha, and Tieto). In the coming weeks the Decentralized Camp will be hosting three smaller Workshops to get people up to speed with coding for Ethereum: Coding environments, Solidity and Ethereum related dev-ops. This will be followed by a full weekend-long Hackathon in November. Together we should be able to create some great DApps, and Blockie will be rocking it out at the scene helping teams by any means necessary.

Stuff is already boiling behind the scenes. Our fun little @yotwallet Dapp has been built using the Blockie Stack and will be released on the Ethereum Main net soon (see the blog post for outlined commands). A shoutout to Bogdan Djukic who has created his [Monument] DApp that can be found here.

Expanding our Horizon

As things evolve we look to adventure out to meet new people in the Ethereum community across Europe. We would love to bring our technology on a roadshow and help people in different countries hack the old systems of this world.

Furthermore, we will be engaging the online community to expand our outreach to the full international community. We have just set up a dedicated Blockie Telegram group and encourage you to join! Don’t hesitate to ask for help in projects you are looking to develop.

Future Dreams

As soon as financially possible, Blockie would love to solidify a place in Stockholm where we can both run our office and simultaneously host an open house for decentralized projects. We are here for a greater purpose, and the more people that get involved the better. We realize that only by giving to the community will we get.

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